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Production Cognac blending

Cognac is mixture of brandy spirits.

Cognac color is light golden with dark udertones and dark amber.

Production of brandy, particularly blending is one of the most difficult and expensive areas of wine production.


Cognacs are aged  in oak barrels. Oak gives special falvor to cognac. Concentration and flavor is achieved through mixture of spirits from new barrels in old ones. 

The aging process is strictly regulated by law, and not less rigidly controlled. Cellars - warehouses, where cognac is kept must be far from the street and other buildings.

Per year of aging cognac evaporates about 0.5 % alcohol. During 50 years of aging in barrels percentage is reduced from 71% to 46%. In the territory where cognac is kept about 50,000 hectoliters of alcohol is evaporated. The vaporized alcohol is called "angel's part" as it goes to heaven. In fact, Torulla Compniac fungus feeds with vapors, forming a gray film on the walls of the cellars .

Next step is cognac blending. If alcohol exposure is considered to be fully completed, it goes into a particular store, called "Paradise". To prevent further aging cognac is kept in a large bottles, which is placed in a special place cellar. Alcohols stored in "Paradise" are unique, it is the true pride of brandy factories. The best examples of brandy called "Paradise".

Each Cognac House tries to provide the best quality beverages: aroma, taste and flavor. Cognac is made of ten and more cognac spirits , but there are exceptions. Some brandies are made of cognac spirit of only one age (vintage). There are some that contain up to 200 cognac spirits.


In most cases the process of creating brandy completed by adding water and other components. After adding water, the mixture is kept in barrels at least one month the strength of is about 20%. This mixture is used to bring the overall beverage strength to 40-45 degrees.


After mixing the ingredients, the process of cognac production is considered complete .